Chapter 9

Entrepreneurs are people who make things happen. They are never held back by issues like; not enough funds, fear of what others may say or think, fear of failure, lack of a higher education, hard work... In other words, they donít focus on what they donít have or what their present station in life is. They focus on what they could have and where they are going. They also know that the only way forward is one step at a time. Entrepreneurs know that if they look down on themselves others will look down on them to. Healthy self esteem comes from true humility. Freedom to be all you can be is a gift from God and should always be embraced with a humble heart. No matter how successful a person may be, no one appreciates an arrogant disposition.

The common phrase that one makes it to the top by stepping on everyone else is total nonsense.

Any business leader knows the importance of working with people. Take a look at companies that treat their employees with dignity and fairness. You will always find that they have higher productivity and moral.

I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with some of the top sales people in the world. One gentleman by the name of Jack stands out amongst the rest. He is a true character in every sense of the word. Just the mention of his name brings a deep chuckle from everyone who knows him. The one thing that amazes me about Jack is that he has never had any type of formal education in sales or marketing. Yet every year he remains top sales rep in a very competitive field. Whatís even more puzzling is that his humorous mannerismís and poor grammar break every rule in marketing 101. He is one salesman whoís clients actually look forward to seeing him. The one thing that makes him stand out is that he genuinely likes people and makes them feel good about themselves. I think the one lesson that I have learned from watching Jack is that he truly treats his clients right by always looking out for whatís best for them. In doing so he is always rewarded with their business.

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