Chapter 8

Because most creative people are passionate at what they do they sometimes have a tendency to overstate things. In the business world you had better be able to back up what you state. Giving promises that you canít keep will always come back and bite you some day. Without question it is always best to be accountable to your words. It is very important to note that if your in a position to sell your idea, product or service to a major company, they must be convinced that what you have to offer will be a benefit to them. In making any type of presentation you must be confident in what you have to say. If itís a new product, focus on the appeal that this product would have to a given market. Show them in simple terms how this new product will effect their bottom line. Remember that the person or group on the other end of the table is not interested in how smart or creative you may be. Their main interest is in what you have to offer them and how it will benefit their business. Giving a to the point, short and sweet presentation backed by facts will always hold the attention of your listeners. Not all people are good speakers. If that is the case with you, it may be best to have someone else make the presentation for you. Remember you may only have one chance to show what youíve got. Some people fit perfectly into the sales and marketing world. Others would feel very uncomfortable in making a sales presentations. You could have the greatest new product, service or idea but if you donít pitch it right you may see your dreams fall very quickly. Donít try to wear all the hats. If your not comfortable in making a presentation find someone who is suited to do the job. It will make all the difference in the outcome and save you a lot of stress. A good example of my point would be the corporate structure. In the corporate world delegation is what itís all about. There is a host of various positions that make things flow smoothly. You have chief executive officers, presidents, vice presidents, financial officers, high ranking management people, executive secretaries... Depending on the type of business there may be advertising and marketing departments, research and development departments, legal departments, customer service departments... Everyone has a particular job so as to make things flow. In simple words donít try to do everything yourself. If you need help ask for it.

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