Chapter 7

It seems a growing trend that more large companies are paying more attention to customer satisfaction. It makes simple sense. Treat the people who purchase what you have to offer right and they will most likely come back for more. I know from my own experience that a quality hotel that treats me right will always bring me back a second time. A coffee shop that delivers a fresh cup of coffee will have my regular business. Conversely, I find nothing more aggravating than leaving a drive through with a stale cup of coffee and being told "have a nice day!

I think that some companies think that phrases like "have a nice day and thank you for choosing us is more important than giving their customers what they are paying for. In todayís marketplace there are countless companies with great advertising campaigns selling a whole lot of nothing. Unfortunately they are very good at convincing that they have just what you need.

I must admit, like most people, I have been fooled by great sounding marketing campaigns that donít deliver what they promise. Making a purchase on a service or product that doesnít deliver always leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Donít make the mistake in overstating what you have to offer. Itís always best to tell it like it is. That means "never fudge the truth! If your product, service or idea is good it will speak for itself. If you believe in your heart that what you have to offer is worthwhile it will show. It will naturally show in your words and in your actions. Most of all, you will generate a better understanding with your listeners.

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