Chapter 6

With the rapid growth of the internet it is possible to get information on just about any subject desired. At one time the library was the top source for gathering information. Of course that took a lot of time. With the internet you can attain information and gather a host of research material in no time at all. Gathering information pertaining to your area of goal attainment is vital in helping you make wise decisions that will effect your success. Being informed on a particular market or industry of pursuit should be included in your plan. There is also a host of free help that comes from various government agencies which includes the SBA. I have found that most business people are willing to share guidance in their area of expertise as long as you are not trying to sell them your idea. Of coarse there may become a time for that at a later date, but during a time of guidance itís best not to try to make a pitch. It would show poor taste and may end your guidance session very quickly. In the area of advice I think you will find that it is important to keep an open mind while at the same time keeping a tight grip on your core beliefs. What may work for Donald Trump may not work for Bill Gates. There are many factors to consider as to why advice must be applied with a great deal of consideration. Sound advice and consul comes in many forms and should be applied only after careful consideration. It is important to note that most corporate decisions are made only after a great deal of research, advice and general consul is concluded.

One of the most difficult areas for innovative people is in the area of emotion. Of course you must have certain a degree of excitement about your goals or you would not be pursuing them. However it is important to keep your dreams close to home so as not to open yourself to the negative thinkers. Needless to say there are plenty of people who take great pleasure making fun of someone elseís dreams. Negative people forget that without creative people we would not have music, art, entertainment, washing machines, computers, medicine, swimming pools, fine cuisine, sale boats vacation resorts, jobs, or just about everything that makes our lives fuller. What we would have is a big old negativity spreader sitting by a stream washing his caveman cloak against a rock.

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