Chapter 4

Some great examples include; Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Donald Trump, Nike, Microsoft... The list goes on and on and includes; writers, musicians, entertainers, Olympic athletes and sports people... Iím sure you know people in your own family or community who have achieved a degree of success despite hardships. When looking at a person or companyís rise, we all have a tendency to say "how did they do that? Of coarse we tend to see only the success and not some of the setbacks and hardships they may have encountered along the way. The important factor they all have in common is that they started by making a decision to move forward. If you really look into their lives, most came from humble beginnings. So where are you, and what would you like to do? Start by writing down the answers to the following questions; What would I like to do and what do I have to offer. The answers may be applied to just about any ambition you would like to fulfill or work towards. Additional questions to include are; do I have a passion for this and would I enjoy this. In other words, is this goal in my heart? The important result of this is to get you to really think about what you would like to achieve. Of course this sounds simple but the truth is that most people focus on the whole picture before taking care of the most important factor which is the foundation for what they will be working towards. Iím sure you have heard the phrase "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line". That must be your compass, a straight line one step at a time. Trying to focus on to many factors could result in confusion and overload. If you talk to people who gave up, you will find that most became overwhelmed because they took on to much at once. A simple example of this would be studying a new language. In hearing a foreign language for the fist time most people would find it overwhelming to learn. If you were to focus on learning just ten words a day, you would have a vocabulary of two hundred and eighty words and several phrases in just four weeks.

Once you have a good idea as to what you would like to achieve youíve completed the first most important step which is to put your thinking in the right place.

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