Chapter 3

Do you think you have some good ideas?

... Why not put them to the test and see. Maybe youíre in line to be the next entrepreneur of the year.

This book has been written to help you achieve your goals. Creative and entrepreneurial people come from all walks of life and professional levels which may include; Small business owners, students, CEO of a large company, housewife, inventor, writer, salesperson, college professor or just about anyone who has a good idea or a better way of doing things. The fact is that there are countless people from all walks of life who have a creative or entrepreneurial aptitude. The question is how do I make things happen? How can I achieve my goals? What if I donít have the resources, education or means to get where I want to go with what I have to offer. Iím sure you have heard the phrases " I should have done that" " I could have been rich now" "He stole my idea". My favorite is "I thought about the invention long before that major company came out with it and made a fortune on it". I think that one is the funniest. Iím sure you have heard them all. The list of grips goes on and on from would be millionaires who love to dream on. There are a few more I find exceptionally humorous. Most of them sound like this; "Your lucky, you got it made, I wish I was in your shoes and why didnít I think of that! The answer to all these complaints is quit simple. Wishful thinking never got anyone anywhere! To get something done it takes action and most people are afraid to take the necessary steps to move forward. People who meet their goals are people who back their words with action.

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