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The defining line that makes a true entrepreneur stand out is that he or she gets in the race no matter what their particular station in life is at the present time. An entrepreneur knows that they have a gift and must move forward to reach their goals.. When itís all said and done through failure or success that person knows in their heart that they had given it their best. The most important factor is for you to start. That is where most entrepreneurs have the greatest amount of difficulty. They know that there is something that they would like to do and may even have the particulars all worked out. The problem is that they will not take the most important first step. Maybe itís the fear of failure, or concern of what others may say or think. "I can guarantee you one thing for sure, if you donít step up to the plate someone else will! The world is waiting for what creative innovative people have to offer. The one thing that you have to settle is whether or not you really want to get into the race. Iím sure that you have seen countless foolish products out there in the market place selling like crazy. I know I always ask the questions, why would someone want to buy this silly thing? Who in the world would ever want to wear that foolish looking hat? The simple answer is that nobody knows why some of the most foolish products or services are purchased. Iím sure that you have seen some of the greatest products, services, or ideas just go nowhere. While some of the most outlandish things make it to the top. Common sense dictates that if pet rocks could sell, then your goals are surly worth some thought!

What is success? Websterís dictionary describes it as degree or measure of succeeding, satisfactory completion of something. To some it may be winning a football or soccer game. To others it may be attaining a fortune in business or the stock market. To another it may be teaching someone how to play an instrument or preparing a great meal for friends. The word success means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Being able to pay all your bills at the end of the month or raise a child may be what success means to you. Whatever the meaning is, only you know what success means to you. Most of us attribute success to wealth. I like to think of it as being able to do what you do best. In other words, this is what I have to offer. It may not make me rich or famous but maybe it will give someone else exactly what they need. A piece of art, a great song, a new product, a better marketing plan, a quality website, a sound business plan, a book, coaching a team... On the other hand maybe it will make me rich and famous. The important thing is to find your place and do what you do best. I know that itís easier said than done but that is what you should strive for. So where do you start?

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