Chapter 15

Organizing your goals into step by step task will make things a lot clearer and easier to accomplish. It is always important to stop once in a while and take an inventory of what you have already completed as well as what remains to be done. Keeping a simple daily to do list helps you keep a better handle on your goals. By keeping a to do list on paper you will be getting things off your mind which will allow you to think more clearly.

In the preceding pages I have put together some very important basics points of information to help you succeed.. Keeping things simple makes them easier to understand and digest. I truly believe that keeping things simple and to the point will always achieves a greater impact. This is especially true in todayís fast paced world of information. We see and hear so much information in shorter periods of time. Receiving unwanted spam messages seems to be an everyday occurrence. It sometimes seems that uninvited information is constantly jammed at us from all directions. Of course only you can open up your mind to what you will allow in. Filtering is your job. In writing this book, it has been my true goal to provide helpful information in simple terms to help you succeed. If just one bit of information contained in this book speaks to your heart bearing motivation or insight, it has done itís job. I sincerely hope that it has done itís job for you and that you will be encouraged to move forward in reaching your goals. "One step at a time..





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