Chapter 12

Whether itís in the business world or the world of interpersonal relationships, understanding is everything. People in general interpret words differently. To some people yes does not always mean yes and no does not always mean no. To you it should! Wars have been fought, businesses wrecked and relationships shipwrecked due to a lack of understanding. Even when high powered lawyers negotiate detailed contracts and agreements , there will always be some people who will still get things messed up. I can assure you that for your own peace of mind and future success , it is vitally important to establish a clear understanding with all interested parties. No matter what you are doing, big or small. In todayís fast paced high speed world of instant messages, computers, email... communication can sometimes be taken for granted and easily get messed up. Whatever you are doing or negotiation attain a clear understanding as best you can. Get it in writing, date it and file it. I would highly recommend legal counsel whenever applicable. Not everyone is a nice guy, even if he has an MBA degree from an Ivy league college and an office on the tenth floor. At this time I would like to interject that having faith in God is a great anchor. Without doubt there are times when you may feel alone. There are certainly times that you are required to make key decisions which make affect you, people around you or the outcome of your goals. Some of the greatest people in history knew and agonized in those times. People like Abraham Lincoln and Moses. When making difficult decisions I think it is best to keep your ears and eyes open to common sense and let your decisions be guided by the word of God.

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