Chapter 11

To see successful results you must continue working on your project one step at a time. It is also important to note that once you find your focus task completed you will gain a deeper level of confidence.

Some of the most successful people say their greatest enjoyment was the hard work in making a plan come true. One of the most important and least talked about issues on the entrepreneurial road is the word failure. Most of the high wired success stories talk a great deal about success only and put very little coverage into the word failure. Of course it does sound better to just focus on success. Success stories sell. We often visualize how great it would be to be in that successful persons shoes. Without question I think it is important to put the word failure in itís right perspective. I have never heard of any person in the entrepreneurial world who has not made some mistakes along the way. The important thing is to learn from them and move forward. For some people disappointments and hard times were the motivating factors that drove them forward to meet their goals. Some of the most inspiring athletes, celebrities, and business people rose from the ashes of defeat and failure to meet their dreams. Failures and hard times are nothing to be ashamed of. If you reclassify them as temporary setbacks and learn from them you will move ahead a lot quicker. I am often inspired by the true old testament story of Joseph who rose from slavery to become ruler of the land of Egypt. Everyone has their share of tough times and wrong choices one time or another. If thatís where you are, your in the company of some of the most successful people around. Pick up, dust off and get back in the race.

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