Chapter 10

Moving forward in doing whatís right for those in need of what you have to offer is always the best path to take. In the old testaments book of proverbs there is one proverb which insightfully relates; Learn from the ant, she has no ruler nor king yet provides her food. If you ever see ants in action, they just seem to keep on moving. You will notice that if one is trying to carry a piece of food that may be to big, others will join in and help with the task. The main thing that you can derive from their actions is that they donít give up. Somehow their persistence gets them through. I think the message speaks for itself. If you ever watch successful entrepreneurial people they just keep on going. Despite hardships, failures and difficulties in general, they just keep plugging along.

One of the most important issues you should adhere to is accountability to your time. Not having accountability regarding time frames is one of the biggest and most costly mistakes that creative people make. It could sidetrack your whole project into oblivion. If you donít have accountability to your time for completing task you will find other issues taking itís place. Going back to being focused is what itís all about. Whether you are working alone or with a team it is vital that everyone is held accountable to time frames. If you take this seriously, you will find accomplishment moving at a nice pace. I have met many people who spent time and money on various projects and stopped short of reaching their goals because other things got in the way. I'm sure that you have noticed how people get all excited about getting in shape around springtime. Unfortunately most of them quit after a few months short months. The excuses are all the same. "I didnít have time, I got side tracked, Iíll go back someday... That someday is probably next spring. Donít let this dangerous cycle happen to you.

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