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"You Can Do It The Line Starts Here"  

Are you a creative innovative person? Do you know in your heart that you have what it takes to excel in a particular area? Does one or more of the following describe you ; Artist, inventor, idea person, writer, marketing whiz, poet, cook, entrepreneur, musician, problem solver, teacher, sports person? Do you ever feel that you have a better idea on how something can be done? How about a way to save your company money and make things run more efficiently? Is there something that most people find difficult to do that comes natural to you? Does a free economy and the opportunity to explore your ambitions and dreams excite you? Does it make you feel good to here a rags to riches story? How about seeing an underdog break through and make it to the top? If so, youíre in the right place at the right time This book is for you!

As you know there are countless books, CDís and seminars related to advice on achieving success. Most of them are pretty good. I have read quite a few myself and welcome the advice given by some of these insightful people. I also firmly believe that the soundest advice available is derived from the bible. Itís the safest! If we really believe that the bible is Gods word then it would seem logical to listen to what it has to say. I have found that the word of God really does offer the best advice and guidance in pursuing ones goals. I would like to state that this book is not designed to promote a particular religious viewpoint. It does however draw from the sound business principals and guidance found in Gods word. "Truth speaks for itself. It is self evident because you know in your heart that what you are hearing makes sense. In reading this book if you find just one small bit of information that helps you, it has done itís job.

"Success generally comes one step at a time. Anything that can help you in a positive way is one of those steps and may just be the one you need.

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