The Godfather book that begins a thrilling  new family saga!

"The Godfather Connection" by A.J. Lombardi

"A thrilling  new story of family loyalty , betrayal and  repentance  all tied up in the Godfather book  that   begins an  intriguing new Godfather  story based on the lives of Gino Regalo and cousin Cosmo who's destinies   are transformed   from altar boy innocence to leadership in the crime family's business in Las Vegas.  

  "Action, suspense, mystery, ... with a surprise life changing ending for Gino and cousin Cosmo as a deep family secret held by the ruthless crime boss uncle Vincent is revealed"  ... The Godfather Connection  is  a new transforming redemptive family saga you will not forget...(15 chapter e file).                       

The Godfather book that begins a new family saga

"The Godfather Connection"

by A. J. Lombardi


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