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3D Talking Avatars

Just in!  Allison

Talking avatar Allison is programmed to discuss over 40,000 topics! 



"Puffy The Talking Cat"


Adventure 1.

Puffy visits hillbilly cousin tom on his farm!


Adventure 2.

Puffy remains stuck on hillbilly cousin tom's farm!


Adventure 3.

Hillbilly cousin tom invites puffy to go swimming!



Adventure 4.

               Puffy in the haunted mansion!


Puffy (Home Alone)



               Adventure 5.

Puffy at the house party  (who farted)?


Adventure 6.

Puffy talks about sneaky cats!


Adventure 7.

Puffy at the Jersey Shore with party friends!


Adventure 8.

Puffy meets her new neighbor Bella the wolf!


You can now talk to Puffy the famous talking cat who will answer your questions live!



It's Here Now!Featuring Puffy the secret agent!

Puffy's first book!  Get the inside scoop here

"Mystery At The Royal Palace"



"Freddy the talking monkey"

part 1. Wallstreet Job


Freddy the talking monkey

part 2. Southbeach lifeguard job


Freddy the talking monkey

part 3 Lost in Space


Freddy the talking monkey

part 4. Bully steals Freddy's girl


Freddy the talking monkey

part 5. Freddy tries to order coffee at Starbucks

Just In!

You can now talk to the Freddy the talking monkey who will answer your questions live!



"The Caveman Comic"

 Caveman in Vegas


The Caveman Comic

 Nobody understands me!


"The Country Bumpkin"

Back in the good ole days!


Buddy the talking dog

part 1. Buddy sings opera!



part 2. Opera


Buddy sings a rap song!

part 1. Rap song



part 2. Rap song


 Adventures of the Boogey Man!





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